FIDC Premier Capital

Features of the Fund

Name: Investment Fund in Credit Rights Premier Capital
CNPJ: 22.293.595/0001-16
FIDC Type: Standardized Fund (Multicedente / Multisacado)
Condo: Open
Taxation: Table IR Regressive (up to 180 days: 22.5% - Up 360 Days: 20% - up to 720 days: 17.5% - over 720 days: 15%)

Main Eligibility Criteria *

Concentration Seller: 7% PL
Concentration Withdrawn: 7% PL
Concentration Drawee (AA): 10% PL
Concentration Drawee (AAA) 20% PL
Concentration of Activity: 15% of PL (99 NCEA)
Deadline of receivables: 180 Days
Average Maturity Maximum of Receivables: 60 Days
Type of Receivables: Trade notes and / or checks
* Set out in the Regulation

Estrutura de Cotas

Service providers

Manager: Ouro Preto Investment
Administrator and Custodian: Banco Paulista
Bank Collector: Bradesco
Audit: BDO Trevisan / Baker Tilly Brazil
Rating: Liberium Ratings
Certification: Certifies / ANFIDC
Regulators: CVM / ANBIMA